A collection of tools that extends Relativity’s functionality.

BatchGuru brings consistency and ease of use that can be shared by your whole team, from tech-savvy analysts to busy attorneys. Let BatchGuru meet your growing data set demands.

Why BatchGuru?

BatchGuru is an acclaimed software set developed by vdiscovery to extend Relativity’s functionality. These proprietary tools bring consistency and ease of use that can be shared by your whole team, from tech-savvy analysts to busy attorneys.

BatchGuru is infinitely customizable, and works seamlessly in your hosted Relativity environment. Work smart, not hard: BatchGuru’s secure and scalable architecture enable you to cut through the fat of even the most complex document review.

More Features

MD5 Hash Generator

Allows for the generation of new hash values based on the fields of your choice, to facilitate customized deduplication.

Sort Date

Takes the date of a parent email and applies it to all of its attachments so families of documents can be sorted chronologically.

Tag as Document or Attachment

Identifies which record is a parent and which is a child based on a group identifier so that the filter option in a view can be used to display specific documents.

ParentID & AttachIDs

Enables the user to create Summation-compatible DAT files that can be exported directly from the Relativity interface.

Time-Zone Converter

Converts the date/time value from one time zone to another to account for data inconsistency or to improve review efficiency.

Parent to Attachment

Takes values from a parent document and applies it to all family members to allow the user to review the parent document’s details when looking at attachments.

Time-Zone Offset Calculator

Calculates the actual offset from GMT to a specified time zone, enabling the native viewer to display dates and times correctly.

Remove Email Address

Removes email addresses from the sender or recipient fields, leaving only names, to make exported reports or privilege logs easier to read.

Date Formatter

Converts date fields into text fields using various date formatting options to make these fields more user-friendly and to avoid confusion for international users.

Native File Exporter

Allows the end user to quickly export sets of native files as a ZIP container without using Relativity’s desktop client and allowing for PC and Mac compatibility.

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